10 Super Fashion Pieces

Want to have a winning wardrobe? Then you’ve got to have a winning game plan. You don’t need a closet stuffed with clothes. You just need the right clothes. Know what pieces score for you and put together a fashion plan that will perform for years to come. Kickoff the new year with these 10 “super” pieces:

1) The super jean. Whether it is skinny leggings or tailored trouser styles, the darker jeans are a must-have. Choose the most flattering shape for your body. Of course, most of us have more than one pair, but you should have at least one favorite go-to pair that you can dress up or down. Because I work in a more creative industry, my dark black and indigo boot-cut jeans have replaced a more traditional pair of black gabardine trousers.

2) The super jacket. Another must-have in your wardrobe — you’ll probably have several, but a black blazer is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your fashion game plan. Long or short, this is a jacket that you can wear all year long if you choose a versatile fabric. You can layer it in the winter and even wear it by itself over a slinky camisole to a cocktail party.

3) The super dress. Start with a little black dress. It’s a no-brainer, and now there are LBDs in all shapes and sizes. It’s always in style, and it’s always appropriate for a wide variety of occasions. It’s also the perfect backdrop for statement piece jewelry. Team it with your favorite black jacket and voila — you’re ready to play the field in style.

4) The super skirt. Again, one the best pieces to make sure you include in your wardrobe is a black skirt. The pencil skirt is my favorite silhouette and a great classic that will mix and match with that black jacket or go it alone with a dressy blouse or basic button-down. Keep the hemline right around the knee and have it tailored to flatter your legs.

5) The super shirt. This is a personal choice. There are lots of options out there. A classic buy doxycycline white button-down is a good choice, but it’s a little too preppy for my more bohemian look. However, I’ve found a creamy white silk button-front that is more of a tunic length and a good layering piece under my black jackets and over jeans. This is a great place to give your wardrobe a unique twist.


6) The super shoe. Yes, black pumps may go with everything in your closet, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. However, I like to look for a “super shoe” every year that will really give all those basics some new life. Check out the colorful shoes this spring for starters!

7) The super handbag. This is another must-have that may change with the seasons. This spring I picked up a black patent leather DKNY tote to carry around all the “tech” gadgets I have accumulated. And if you need a clutch for after work, tuck it into the bigger bag during the day.

8) The super statement jewelry. Find a favorite piece of jewelry — a chunky necklace, a giant cocktail ring, a swingy pair of earrings — and make them your style statement that you wear often. I have a huge silver cuff bracelet that is my “super statement” piece, and I’ve worn it for years.

9) The super trench. The trench coat is another classic that will score big in your fashion game plan. It never seems to go out of style and always evolves so you can find new versions of the old favorite. My current go-to trench is a matte silver metallic, knee-length coat that works with jeans as well as that little black dress.

10) The super scarf. Scarves are another accessory that can change your outfit in an instant. Colorful pashmina wraps are easy ways to add a chic twist to your basic blacks and whites, but larger, cozy blanket shawls are good ways to winterize your wardrobe too … even at the Super Bowl.

Image: Stuart Weitzman makes a “super shoe” statement this spring with colorful strappy sandals. (www.stuartweitzman.com)


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