101 Tips for Playing Online

While 101 things to think about when you play online poker might seem like a daunting task, this list has everything that all players need to take into consideration when they play online. Your choice of online poker room, what you need to do before you begin to play, strategy, analysis and managing your bankroll all play a part in being a successful player.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the game or a social player, following these poker tips for playing online will help you on your way to the ultimate goal in poker . . . making money.


Online Site Choice

1.      Do your homework and find a site that is reputable.

2.      Do ask players that have been playing online for a substantial period of time about sites they recommend.

3.      Do visit forums and news sites for reviews and opinions of an online poker site.

4.      Do not assume that all review sites are reputable. Many will give good reviews only to sites that advertise or offer a kick back to them.

5.      Do make sure the poker room you choose offers the variety of games you are looking for.

6.      Do make sure the site you choose offers the stakes that you are looking to play.

7.      Do not take for granted that you can make the raked hands required for bonuses that are “too good to be true.” Be sure to check what is required to collect the bonuses offered.

8.      Do compare rakes and percentages taken by the “house” before choosing a site.

9.      Do not attempt to play at sites that do not allow players from your region/country/state.

10.  Do check deposit methods offered by prospective sites.

11.  Do make sure those deposit methods are an option for you personally.

12.  Do not assume that you can deposit “at will.” Many sites have minimum deposit amounts.

13.  Do note how much you can deposit at one time and how often.

14.  Do note how you can withdraw your funds.

15.  Do take careful notes on how much time it will take before you receive your withdrawals.

Before you start playing online

mouse16.  Do make sure you have a good internet connection. If you lose internet service you stand to lose hands which can cost you chips.

17.  Do make sure online poker is legal in the state/country/territory that you live.

18.  Do know your poker terminology. (See here.)

19.  Do not try to use terminology that you are unsure of in the chat. It makes it obvious that you are a beginner and a sure target for more experienced players.

20.  Do not try to get lucky. Craps and Roulette players hope to get lucky. Poker players count on skill and hope the other player gets unlucky.

21.  Do recognize your stage of player (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

22.  Do pay attention to the username that you choose online. It is the first of the table image that opponents will get.

23.  Do adjust to the faster speed of online play.

24.  Do schedule your tournament time including the amount of time it takes to play.

25.  Do not name yourself as a pro on the tables unless you have the skill set to back you up.

26.  Do not think you have mastered poker with one big win.

27.  Do use free poker sites and free money games to help you understand the rules of the games.

28.  Do use free money games to test software if you are considering playing on that site.

29.  Do not use free money games to test new strategy.

30.  Do set short term poker goals.

31.  Do set long term poker goals.

32.  Do read poker books and listen to the experiences of tried and true poker players.

33.  Do not assume that all you read is “gospel”. As a poker player you need to infuse your own style into the game. Not mimic what others have done.

34.  Do play in freerolls to test new strategies and a free opportunity to boost your bankroll.


internet35.  Do not approach each game in the same manner.

36.  Do play your position.

37.  Do recognize betting patterns when playing online.

38.  Do learn the math pertaining to poker.

39.  Do know how many outs you have to complete your hand.

40.  Do know how many outs you have to make your hand better.

41.  Do spend time learning about pot odds.

42.  Do ask yourself “What does my opponent have?”

43.  Do ask yourself “What does my opponent think I have?”

44.  Do ask yourself “What does my opponent think I think he has?”

45.  Do not play tournaments the same as you would ring games and vice versa. The strategies are different.

46.  Do not hesitate to participate in games in which you are confident that you are one of the better players.

47.  Do not sit through a session buy doxycycline hyclate online where you feel you are out of your league.

48.  Do think about your online table image.

49.  Do learn about your opponents betting strategies by paying attention to hands which you have folded.

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