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FashionFashion is fun for some of us  and why not? Looking good equals feeling good.  We aren’t suggesting that you have to be a fashionista or even remotely trendy. When you know you look good and are comfortable with what you wear, you simply have more confidence.  That confidence can be used to get an edge at the table.  And we all know any edge at the poker table is a plus to your game.


10 Super Fashion Pieces

Want to have a winning wardrobe? Then you’ve got to have a winning game plan. You don’t need a closet stuffed with clothes. You just need the right clothes. Know what pieces score for...


Fashion: Trendy Troopers – We’re in the Army Now

Trendy Troopers — We’re in the Army Now Get in step with one of fall fashion’s hottest trends this year, and salute military madness. That’s right, it’s time to march to the beat of...


Cracking the Office Dress Code

Grab your handbag; grab your iPad; grab your flip-flops? Whoa, not so fast. Dressing for the office may be a little more relaxed now than it was in the days of padded shoulders and...

What Not to Wear for Spring 0

What Not to Wear for Spring

What Not to Wear for SpringWhen the sun starts shining and the shopping days grow longer, it’s tempting to throw all our winter weary wardrobes out the window and go on a serious spending...


Fashion: Traveling in Style

Wake up, sunshine! It’s time to travel in style. Forget the dingy denims, the boring boots and the sweltering sweaters. You’ve got to book a ticket to a tropical paradise and have a little...


Extras! Extras! Spring Fashion Accessories

Hats, handbags, hairpins … and hello … shoes. What would we do without accessories, girlfriends? Fashion would not be so fun, would it? With just a few special extras, you can transform that simple...

Fashion: Swimwear Tips and Tricks 0

Fashion: Swimwear Tips and Tricks

Time to dive in and take the plunge … into the deep waters of swimwear fashion. For some, it’s a murky pool, but there are ways to tread through the shopping experience that most...


Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring

Father may not always know best when it comes to his fashion choices. But this Father’s Day you’ve got a chance to help your dad step up his style game.