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The Look of Love

Men love to try and bluff women off hands. Especially when the action gets heads- up. Perhaps the explanation is that women are perceived in our culture as being passive and unwilling to take...


Men vs Women The Double Standard

When I was in my twenties, I always hated when people focused on the Male versus Female thing. It bothered me that women needed “women’s groups” in school or at work because I thought...

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Free Poker Lessons for Women

Yes that’s right. You can learn the basics of poker totally free and be playing in just a few short lessons totally free to learn and fun! If you have any problems, please feel...

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Poker Either for Fun or Money

What is this allure that poker has over its’ players? Why do we, as poker players, play hour after hour, day after day; perhaps even sometimes playing so much as to neglect our other...

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Money Saved is Money Won

To be a winning poker player, you need to develop a winning poker strategy.  95 percent of my columns are devoted to that – the math, psychology, game selection, and analysis necessary to make...

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Raising in No-Limit Poker

Raising is much different in no-limit hold’em than it is in a fixed-limit game.  It even begins before the flop.  In fixed-limit games it pays to try to capture the blinds whenever you think...

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Ten Things Not to Do at The Poker Table

Following are ten things you should try to avoid doing at the poker tables.  As you read, you will see some are just slightly annoying to other players at the table, but, some of...

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Ten Worst Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Since SunRun is in the business of helping families make smart financial decisions,they  thought they would offer a little tax season guidance on what NOT to do with your tax refund. Without further ado: