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Ten Worst Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Since SunRun is in the business of helping families make smart financial decisions,they  thought they would offer a little tax season guidance on what NOT to do with your tax refund. Without further ado:

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Things to Consider When Becoming a Poker Mom

Being a poker mom isn’t something that’s easy to do. Being a mum in any career line is hard, but the poker industry seems harder. People can disagree with these two statements I have...


Women in Poker: a Love/Hate Relationship

If you expect a chauvinistic approach in this article as its written by a man, or worse another attempt to highlight women as sex symbols at the tables, you can look somewhere else. I...

How Do Mathematics & Poker Mix?

How Do Mathematics & Poker Mix?

I am asked frequently how I view the role of mathematics in poker. Before addressing these views, let me preface my remarks by pointing out that most people reading this probably have a much...