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Playing OnlineIts a great way to familiarize yourself with the game, try out some new strategies, and get in some practise.  Many online sites offer play for free and low buyins.  There are some incredible bonus opportunities and promotions too. Once you feel confident in your play, there is a plethora of different types of tournaments and cash games you can conquer. The action is quicker and offers anonymity in your play. 
Who says you have to get dressed up and go out to the casino?


7 Deadly Sins of Poker

There are seven deadly sins of poker. Commit them at your peril. Here they are.   1. Impatience Much depends on your ability to wait for those situations that you can turn into profitable...


Using Your True Personality to Win at Poker

We’re all familiar with the types: the stone-faced, passionless visage, dark glasses covering any tells in their eyes, sitting perfectly still with their hands over their mouth as their opponent tries to “read” their...


Avoid These Mistakes in Online Poker

Some of the biggest mistakes you can make in Internet Poker: (1) Failing to adequately plan your online bankroll and other financial aspects of online play; (2) Multitasking or allowing yourself to be repeatedly...

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“I Don’t Get It”

“Good Lord! Look at all that money they’re betting”, exclaimed one of my coworkers.  The WSOP Main event was on espn in the cafeteria at the plant that I work at. I had snuck...

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Internet Speed: Boon or Bane?

Originally Published in Woman Poker Player Magazine by: Kathleen K. Watterson We all know online poker provides much faster games than poker played in tradition “brick and mortar” casinos and other physical settings. Human...