Christmas Gift Ideas For Poker Players

Tis the season to play poker! Fa, la, la, la la; la, la, la la! It’s also the season to give Christmas gifts and giving gifts to the avid poker player can be very difficult. Here’s hoping the wonderful staff at can set you on the right path to finding that perfect gift. Being poker players ourselves we know exactly what we want and knowing what we want means knowing what other players want. Catering for all budgets is also our style. Hopefully there is something in our fabulous gift idea list to suit both your wallet and your loved one!

Lets keep in mind while we write this that there are all levels of poker players so the gift list needs to be suited to accommodate all levels. One of the first things you need to do is determine at what level your loved one plays at. Usually you can tell this by the amount they spend on tournament entry. If they are playing many tournaments at once at just a small entry fee, their level may still be high, keep this in mind. So; to the list! The best way, no doubt, is to just list! From the cheapest to the most expensive gift, the 12 days of Christmas will be covered. If you are after a more expensive gift, you still need stocking fillers therefor the little cheap gifts still apply to all players.

1. Playing Cards!

There is a poker player in the world who doesn’t appreciate having a number of sets of cards on hand! Most of the time when they are used by players its at home games where they can get grubby from drinks and nibblies. Having a fresh pack at all times is very handy in the case the game gets a little serious.

2. A Poker Set!

Many a poker player already has one of these, but, there are some who do not. Those that focus mostly on online poker or poker in a brick and mortar casino may not have one of their own. Time to do some spying and see! The average poker case enclosed set will set you back around $100 but they can be much cheaper or of course a lot more expensive.

3. A Poker Mat!

There are many forms of poker tables available and they come at many varied prices. Not surprisingly they are going to be on our list. The most basic poker table which can be taken anywhere is merely a mat you can place on your regular dining table, card table or even the ground! This ensures that no matter where your friend goes, they can have a game of poker! Did I mention its a great game to play while camping?

4. A Poker Table

Entertaining or having a serious (rake free) home game can be made much easier if you have a fabulous poker table to show off. They come in many shapes and sizes and many prices. Poker tables are available online through poker specialty shops, sports stores and giant sellers. Basically the quality, durability and functionality will depend on how much you are willing to spend. Keep in mind there has to be space to set it up, especially if its a table that’s for permanent setup.

5. Card Covers

Most poker players that play in brick and mortar casinos have a card cover. If they don’t, this is the perfect stocking filler! If they do, you may want to buy them a new one in hope that they are thinking of you as they play that important hand. Card covers come in many shapes and sizes. Some people use lucky charms. The decision is totally up to you if you purchase a more vintage style round and flat one or something a little unique and special.

6. Lucky Charms and Crystals!

I have seen many a female poker player adorned with their favorite crystal pendent or using their favorite crystal as a card cover or simply a lucky charm. I must add, this includes myself and my crystal order for my crystally Christmas is already placed. Other lucky charms I have spotted include small ornaments, four leaf clovers encased in glass and plastic and little trinkets from a memorable occasion.

7. A Cruise!

Cruises have been very popular over the years among people in the poker industry. Sail the seven seas and play poker as you go. Poker is played on cruise ships in the ships casinos or as a more casual home like game on or above deck.

8. A Casino Restaurant Voucher!

We all have to take a break during those grueling poker tournaments and we have to eat. Make your loved ones break simple and easy by giving it to them this holiday season. A gift voucher to a new or favored restaurant could be the perfect xmas gift!

9. Luggage!

With all the traveling, near and far, suitcases and other luggage can get tacky! In addition various sizes are needed for various trips, depending on the location and time period. Bag a bag for Christmas!

10. A New Laptop!

Alike most things in this new age era, laptops wear out. Laptops can be crucial to an online poker players game. A laptop crashing during an important hand can be devastating! If you have the money and their laptop is old and worn look no further for the perfect you to them Christmas gift. As can a laptop with a poker themed case.

11. Books!

Poker strategy books never go out of fashion. There are also books based around the lives of a few poker players. Check their personal library for titles and grab a popular poker book from the shelf of your local book store, amazon or more personal poker selling book sites. Grab a poker themed book bag while you’re at it!

12. An iPod or iPhone Case!

Jump on board with the latest tech gear and grab that special person a new poker themed case. If you were considering grabbing them a phone case, there are many available right here! Listening to music during large tournaments is a must for some and the phone will look fab cased up. While you are there, grab them an iTunes gift card so they can download some of their favorite tracks!


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