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Angelina Wang is a popular poker player in Asia, an MBA in marketing, Founder in a Poker, Casino and Sports Betting Software Company, writer, model, TV and media personality. Angelina Wang is referred to as the Poker Princess by her numerous Asian fans. She writes on digital marketing, social media, lifestyle and poker. She is currently finishing her first book about to be published in late 2015. She is also the Editor of Woman Poker Player Magazine.

Kelly Lucia is an experienced creative content writer and blogger who thrives on contributing compelling content to a never-ending variety of websites and blogs. She specializes in composing informative, targeted blog articles, search engine optimized (SEO) ecommerce product pages and other dynamic forms of web content related to creative online marketing. Kelly writes regularly for her personal blog, Meditations on Life, and also maintains a column called Content Writing Advice to assist other writers in their quest for success. She discovered poker in the form of Texas hold ‘em back in 2002 and has been playing online and in person ever since.

Sue Carswell is a reporter/researcher for “Vanity Fair.”   She is the author of “Paying For Glory,” and “Faded Pictures From My Backyard.” Carswell is a former senior producer at “Good Morning America,” former executive and senior editor at Random House Inc. and Simon & Schuster.  She was a contributing launch editor for “O, The Oprah Magazine.” Sue is also a contributing writer to She lives in Manhattan where she is also a ghostwriter and speechwriter.

Barbara Connors is a writer/poker player who is continually striving to improve her craft in both fields. She first spent many years as a blackjack card counter before finally discovering the wonderful complexities of poker. She currently lives in Southern California.

Lou Krieger  has written more than 500 columns about poker strategy for many of the poker publications in North America.  He is currently the editor of Poker Player Newspaper as well as a columnist.  He also writes for, Player Ireland, and has a weekly talk radio poker show on Lou has authored eleven books on poker, and is one of the most well respected poker authors of all time.  He can be found writing on his blog at  Lou was named one of the top 100 gaming writers of the past 100 years by industry publication Casino Journal.

Earl Burton is a longtime poker veteran who has been playing for nearly thirty years.  Earl frequently can be found playing online in either tournaments or cash games and also will step to the felt during his frequent travels to the major poker venues of the United States.  He currently is a writer for Poker News Daily.

Danielle Adams Benham has worked on a string of websites as both a blogger and news writer. In addition she co-authored a popular poker strategy book; prior to further advancing her poker career. She is a columnist with Australian Poker Weekly, the Co-Host of and moderator / admin on various poker forums. Danielle above all remains a poker player loving all poker variants and preferring to stick to the cash tables. Danielle is often referred to as the A-Z of poker.

Gary Wise has been in the professional gaming industry for fifteen years, making his living as a player, writer, manager and consultant. He’s a regular contributor to’s Poker Club, can be heard spewing his opinions on’s The Poker Beat and his Twitter feed is @GaryWise1.

Kathleen K. Watterson is the co-author, with Lou Krieger, of Internet Poker: How to Play and Beat Online Poker Games, and was a regular columnist for Poker Europa and Canadian Poker Player.  Before becoming a full-time writer and editor, she made final tables in many large U.S. poker tournaments.

Hannah Elisabeth is recognized worldwide as an entertaining poker player for her Main Event appearance on ESPN’s doxycycline pharmacy online World Series of Poker 2008, and is a successful tournament and cash game player in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also a TV personality, actor and writer, her humorous poker blog, “A Blonde’s Guide to Poker,” can be found on her website:

Amy Zupko has been playing poker both online and live since 001. She is a writer for Woman Poker Player magazine, and was a contributor to Poker News.  She is the mother of three children. She fits poker into her busy lifestyle at every opportunity.

Jennifer Newell is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Her work regularly appears in Poker Player Newspaper, on, and on the PokerStars blog.

Martin Harris is a freelance writer who has written for various poker sites and publications, including PokerNews, the PokerStars blog, and Betfair. He keeps a blog chronicling his own play and the poker world, Hard-Boiled Poker, where he writes as “Short-Stacked Shamus.” He is also the author of a hard-boiled detective novel, Same Difference.

Maryann Morrison has been playing poker for six years and loves the game as well as the equality aspect between men and women. She has an interest in encouraging women to overcome any gender stereotypical binds and seeks to encourage women to excel in any area that they would like to pursue. She is the publisher of Woman Poker Player magazine, the author of “Women’s Poker Night: Stories and Strategies Fom the Feminine Side of the Felt” and the founder of the Women’s Poker Club.

Cyndy Violette is one of the top female poker players in the world and a WSOP bracelet winner. She feels that being a woman poker player is neither an advantage or disadvantage. She concenctrates on just being the best she can be. She lives a healthy life and works hard to keep her body and mind at optimium performance levels.

Amy Calistri has been a contributing writer for Woman Poker Player, Bluff Magazine, Canadian Poker Player, Poker Pages, and Poker News.  She is also the authorof the poker blog, “Aimlessly Chasing Amy.”

Ashley Adams has been playing poker for over 40 years, and playing it profitably in casinos across the United States and around the world since 1993.  He’s published over 1,000 articles on the subject and two books, Winning 7-card Stud and Winning Low Limit No Limit Hold’em.  More details including his radio program can be found at

Jennifer Shahade is a Philadelphia based gamesplayer and writer. She is the author of Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport, the editor of and the co-founder of 9queens. Find out more about her on and follow her on twitter and facebook.

Linda Johnson, the “First Lady of Poker,” began playing poker professionally in 1980. She was the third woman in history to win a WSOP gold bracelet in an open event and has won more than 100 poker tournaments, including the 2005 California State Ladies Poker Championship. Linda is a partner in Card Player Cruises, poker columnist and author, and a WPT Boot Camp instructor. She is the former publisher of Card Player, co-founder of the Tournament Director’s Association, and an inductee in the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. Linda serves on the board of directors for the Poker Players Alliance, LIPS, and LPA.

Emma Wilson is based in the U.K, just outside of London. She has been a regular contributor to UK PokerNews for nearly 2 years, covering the latest happenings in the poker world and writing various articles including her recent “Poker Babes” series. Her love of the game has kept her playing regularly for over 10 years from the tender age of 17, she can often be found online and playing live in the various casinos in and around the U.K

Katie Dozier is a professional poker player known online as “hotjenny314”, writer, and editor of poker books. She is head coach for Team Moshman, and makes poker training videos for She tweets @hotjenny314 and writes a popular blog on her website

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