It’s a chair. It’s a mat. It’s a hanger. And EVENaBAG.

Finally! After six months of intensive preparations and almost 18 months of designing, the multi-functional bag EVENaBAG was launched at Kickstarter on 20th October. The bag can be used as a chair, a mat and even as a washbag. To ensure independent production of the bag, the decision was made to present the project at Kickstarter.

EvenAbagKickstarter is a Crowdfunding platform from New York and full of ambitious, innovative and smart projects. Thanks to the support of people from all over the world, numerous projects are being launched. This way, a great idea can become a successful business model… and in the end, everybody benefits from it! Everybody can take part and financially support the project. Various types of offers can be found on Kickstarter.com, like products from our EVENaBAG range that are given to people for successful financing.

If our set target of US$ 18,000 is reached on Kickstarter by 19th November, production of the bag can begin. If the target is not reached, every supporter will receive his money back.

As a special Christmas promotion, EVENaBAG offers individually designed Christmas vouchers as well as an “Early Bird Special”: 35 % off as compared to the price in the shop. The EVENaBAG package includes a bag, a key ring, a credit buy accutane online usa card holder made of real leather, an EVENaBAG t-shirt as well as further offers.

EVENaBAG Video: www.vimeo.com/77097870

Who is behind EVENaBAG?

EVENaBAG is a young company based in Berlin. The bag was designed by Rocco Kruse, an interior designer and product designer. The guiding line in Rocco’s life is not only red but also blue-green, chequered, curved and maybe even made of wood. No matter what he is concerned with, its essence is always creativity.

The best conditions for gathering inspiration can be found at his current place of residence: Berlin. In every corner and end of the city, impressions can be found that are waiting to be turned into ideas. And Rocco has always been a part of this. His constant drive to find himself is expressed when he is scribbling, tinkering or inventing. He is always motivated to create something new that makes the world a little bit better.

The second mind behind EVENaBAG is Adam in his home back in Chicago, USA.
What does transatlantic friendship even mean? Exactly that is what exists between Rocco and Adam.
The best of two worlds streamlined down into one project.
His goal is to create state-of-the-art products from high-quality materials and thereby meet the customers’ expectations. This attitude combined with passion and experience in production qualify the two as members of the EVENaBAG team. {jcomments on}

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