Extras! Extras! Spring Fashion Accessories

Hats, handbags, hairpins … and hello … shoes. What would we do without accessories, girlfriends? Fashion would not be so fun, would it? With just a few special extras, you can transform that simple sheath dress into a glamorous style statement.

Here are the top 10 new accessory trends to add to your wardrobe this spring:

fashionhatty1. Serious sandals. The newest shoes are showstoppers. Leave your flip-flops at the beach, and step out in shoes that have major personality. They’re out there. Go artsy. Don’t be shy, and go for colorful combinations, shimmering details and architectural silhouettes.

2. Fabulous fauna. Flowers have lots of power this spring, so pick a bunch of pretty petals adorning flirty shoes, printed clutches and sparkling hair accessories.

3. Ladylike handbags. Structure is the thing this spring with handbags. Whether it’s a boxy clutch or a framed doctor’s bag, top-handled bags are making a big comeback, especially in pastel sorbet colors. These bigger bags are functional as well, with plenty of room for electronic devices.

4. Arm candy. Don’t be afraid to pile on the oversized bangles this season. From golden snakes that crawl up your arm to braided leather wraps to wooden cuffs. Think tribal and go native.

5. Bold belts. With the waist back in the fashion spotlight again (think peplum tops and jackets), the belt is once again making a statement. And we’re not talking about those little skinny ones, either. Make it wide and make it a big part of the “new look” for spring.

6. Exotic doxycycline online buy earrings. Whether you like crystal clusters or long and dangling, earrings are one of the best ways to change up your everyday uniform. And don’t be afraid to wear these expressive accessories even during the day.

7. Stellar sunglasses. These are not your typical Ray-Ban wayfarers. The shades this spring and summer are much more interesting in unusual shapes and colored lenses. Check out the retro-inspired looks updated in chic “geek” frames.

8. Funky hats. From printed baseball hats to menswear fedoras to oversized floppy brims, like the one pictured here from the Jennifer Lopez collection available at Kohl’s, hats are a great way this spring and summer to put some personality into your wardrobe, not to mention protect your skin from sun damage. Look for hats to become more and more of a fashion statement.

9. Statement necklaces. When it comes to necklaces this spring, the bigger, the better. The bib necklace is a major scene-stealer. Ditto for the long chains or ropes of pearls a la the flapper days. No need for much of anything else, if you’ve got this kind of bling around your neck!

10. Jumbo cocktail rings. These are fun, fun, fun. If you haven’t snagged one of these inexpensive costume rings yet, then you’re missing a great accessory moment. In whimsical styles and colorful gemstones, there’s a ring for every outfit. Be sure to continue to ring in 2012 with one of these baubles, and get ready to party day or night!

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