Fall Fashion Wish List

Move over skinny jeans; there are some new style moves in town this fall, and these clothes are more fun than ever. Yes, fashion is fun again with bright colors, bold shapes and glamorous graphic prints. It’s enough to put you in a shopping mood again. Here’s a quick list of some of the biggest hits this season:

–Tough black leather. You’ve gotta have at least one piece of leather in your wardrobe. It’s the new “go-with-everything” fashion trend that gives you the freedom to mix and match anything and everything as well as add a little new slickness. From sleek zippered jackets to cropped pants or quilted skirts, take your pick and put some modern spin into your life.
–The lace dress. Kate Middleton may have inspired lots of fans with her chic slip dresses covered in lace, but now you, too, can dress like a princess. There are lots of interpretations of this favorite available this fall, and chances are you’ll love wearing one of these to not only any cocktail event but also holiday parties as well.
–Printed pants. These can be tricky but oh, so fun, too. Choose a pair of trousers in a graphic print. (I think the smaller patterns are best.) Then you can pair them with a solid-colored sweater or jacket. If you’re really adventurous, pair printed pants with another coordinating print.
–A colorful coat or jacket. What one piece can really make a statement in your wardrobe this fall? One bold get doxycycline online coat or jacket in an intense color. Whether it’s a traditional trench style or a menswear overcoat or a patent parka, any outerwear piece this year makes a real style statement in color from pastels to brights.


–A heavyweight sweater. Cooler weather always means a return to sweater staples. So take advantage of the new textured knits and warm up your wardrobe by mixing them in with your printed pants and skirts.
–The gold piece. Metallics this fall are making a golden statement. Yes, silver always shines, too, but there are plenty of reasons to be a golden girl this season — from shimmering gold jeans to leather shift dresses and embroidered jackets. Accessory tip: Animal print shoes and boots are tres chic with the golden girl glamour.
–The pantsuit. It’s been a few years that working women really had options when it came to getting dressed for the office. If you didn’t work in a creative industry, then it was tough to wake up and throw together separates that had a stylish flair. Now designers have once again embraced matching trousers, pencil skirts and jackets that make getting dressed for work easy again. The suits this fall are made contemporary with architectural silhouettes that are menswear inspired but still feminine. Don’t hesitate to combine these “matched” pieces with other things in your wardrobe … like a leather jacket … or colorful blouses to give them even more versatility.
Next week, the wish list for fall accessories!

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