Fancy Pants for Spring and Summer

“I wear pants almost exclusively so I can sit like a truck driver. I own one dress — a long evening gown.” — Lauren Bacall

How many of us agree with Lauren Bacall? Pants mean freedom. And they are a must-have in our wardrobes.

Day in and day out, for many of us, pants are our main go-to fashion staples when it comes to getting dressed, whether it’s for a day at the office or a night on the town. There are all kinds of ways our bottom half can make or break us!


So no matter your shape, here are a few ways to make pants work for you this spring:

pinkjeans—Make sure the proportions are flattering. All it takes is a mirror. Yes, make yourself stand in front of it and check out the waist and below. Try on leggings, boot-cut pants and wide-cut trousers. Don’t rule out those skinny jeans, either. Try them all on and judge for yourself. You’ll get the picture — fast — and find out what pants work for you.

—Don’t get shortchanged. Yes, we know those cropped pants have been the fashion trend du jour for the past few years, but they don’t necessarily work for everyone. If you have short legs, remember cropped pants make them even shorter. Ditto with cuffs. Consider wearing heels with cropped pants, if you are indeed very short.

—Don’t get caught without your shoes. If you are trying on pants in a store, be sure to take along a few pairs of shoes that you might wear with the pants. And you may want to consider taking your pants to a tailor to get the correct length. Remember not all pant lengths will work with all your shoes. Many of us have several pairs of jeans hemmed to different lengths for just this one reason.

—Avoid the extra accutane buy online bells and whistles. Yes, the embroideries and the pockets and all the extra hoopla on pants can get in the way of finding the perfect pair. However, this season, the extras are all about color. Buying a pair of jeans in a bold hot pink can boost your wardrobe for months to come.

—No pleats please. Pleated trousers have gone the way of “Mom jeans.” Just don’t do it. Stick to flat-front pants, which will give you a much better silhouette. Yes, you may have to try on dozens of brands to find the ones that fit and don’t give you the dreaded “muffin top,” but it will be worth it. Then stick to the style that flatters you most, and buy several pairs when you find a pair that works.

—The key is balance. It’s not just the style of pants that you wear that counts; it’s what you wear with the pants. Long sweaters and tunics that cover your hips will make you look longer and leaner, as will fitted jackets and the new sleeveless vests. Platform heels will also give you height.

—Check out the trends! Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles this spring. There’s a plethora of new pants to try. Colorful prints and overlays are making big news, so are high-waisted flares, flowing palazzo pants and even drawstring pajama pants. And for those of you who have great legs to bare — there are plenty of short shorts and even “hot” pants out there to heat up your spring and summer fashion seasons.

Image: Put some bold color into your wardrobe this spring with fashion’s hottest trend — colored denim. Shown: Spring Street skinny Pink Panther jean with clear snakeskin printed overlay. They retail for $118, and they can be found at Lord & Taylor, Carson Perry Scott, Lester’s and Julian Gold.

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