Fashion: Summer in the City

The girls from “Sex and the City” may have spent their summer in the desert, but what are us girls stuck in the hot city supposed to wear? We can definitely take some cues from the fashionable foursome in the latest “Sex and the City 2” movie, says Whitney Kessler, assistant editor of Stylesight (, a trend forecasting service.

“It’s possible to stay cool without showing a lot of skin,” says Kessler, who notes that the women of “SATC2” looked both modest and summery in maxi dresses, jumpsuits, caftans, harem pants, gauzy wraps and thin silk blazers.

For covered looks that are still airy and appropriate for summer, she suggests sticking to thin woven fabrics and fits that pull away from the body. “Draped styles and trapeze cuts are ideal.”


The bold-colored maxi dress is a summer favorite and a style trend featured in the “Sex and the City 2” movie. Pictured: one of Jovani’s maxi dresses for summer. Photo courtesy C.I. Visions, Inc.

The hot months are time to lighten up on all the fashion extras, too. “Accommodate changing weather conditions by choosing accessories that are both fashionable and functional,” she says. “Sun hats and sunglasses will allow for chic, easy transitions when the sun comes out, while summer wraps will warm the shoulders or neck if there’s an unexpected breeze.”

And rather than piling on accessories, look to eye-catching prints, patterns and interesting color combinations to add interest to low-key summer looks. “Mix solid colored separates to create unexpected color palettes,” Kessler advises, “or emphasize a garment’s dramatic silhouette by wearing it in a monochromatic ensemble. Bold large-scale prints are expressive enough on their own, and mixing small-scale patterns can result in looks that are fun and witty.”

Even Miranda took advantage of the new summer trends in the new movie, says Kessler.

“Each of the main characters has a signature look that reflects her personality, lifestyle and body type. Miranda’s style has come a long way. Most of her outfits in the film were simple, but had one or two exciting elements, like a geometric print or a pair of chandelier earrings. Her looks were very elegant and sophisticated, and probably the most realistic.”

Charlotte offers us another buy doxycycline uk peek at dressing up our summer wardrobes, even if they reflect more of a “traditional” look. “More often than not, Charlotte’s silhouette highlighted her small waist and petite upper body,” notes Kessler. “In ‘SATC2,’ she wore plenty of full-skirted tea-length dresses with slim waists that hit at her natural waistline. Her wardrobe was very ’50s-inspired, often referencing Christian Dior’s ‘New Look.’ A few of her looks featured peplums, and achieved the same figure-flattering effect. As the most traditional and conservative of the group, Charlotte never wore anything that was avant-garde or risque.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Samantha’s clothes were sexy, daring and consistent with her over-the-top personality, says Kessler. “They were body-conscious and revealed a lot of skin. Many of the garments that Samantha wore featured cutouts and were heavily embellished.”

Carrie also took fashion risks, says the trend expert, but unlike Samantha’s, Carrie’s looks were daring in a way that was more offbeat than sexy. “Her wardrobe was based on the combination of high end with the low end, and witty mixes of casual soft-grunge items with formalwear.” In “SATC2,” Carrie’s signature pieces included novelty tees and tote bags, voluminous skirts, slim-fit jeans and fluid floor-length gowns. Several items that Carrie wore had accordion pleats, and many were layered.

Miranda wore several sheath dresses in the film, and they varied in pattern and neckline. Her look was very consistent throughout the movie, with her go-to outfit consisting of a simple sheath, a waist belt, high heels and statement jewelry.

So what are some of the hot new “must-haves” we city girls can put in our wardrobe this summer? Here are Kessler’s recommendations:

-The breezy jumpsuit

-The draped maxi dress

-The harem pant

-The sheath dress

-The head wrap

-The silk blazer

-The sturdy pump

-The tote bag

-The hobo bag

-The clutch bag

Top Ten Summer Trends from “Sex and the City 2”:

1. Flashy embellishments — sequins, beads, rhinestones, crystals, studs, spikes, etc.

2. Metallics

3. Fabric draping, ruching and gathering

4. Floor-length hems

5. Bold color, particularly electric brights and saturated jewel tones

6. Patterned textiles — large-scale ethnic prints, exotic floral/nature prints, metallic pinstripes, linear brushstroke prints

7. Harem pant silhouettes

8. Strapless, halter and asymmetrical necklines

9. A defined natural waist

10. Layering

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