Fashion Tips for the Last Days of Summer

As summer winds down, the heat is still on, but it’s not quite time to put away the bikinis yet, according to image consultant Marla Tomazin, who makes her career out of helping people look and feel good all year long.

“Image is so much more than clothes,” says Tomazin. “It’s what you project to others about yourself in your attitude, energy and demeanor. I believe that happiness can truly be found in the small, seemingly unimportant details of day-to-day life,” she says.

“If stress at the office, the endless list of to-do’s at home, and the constant stream of bad news on the television have given you the summer blues, consider taking some time out this summer to enjoy the small things in life. A fresh shade of nail polish can lift your spirits and re-energize you throughout the hottest of summer days.”

Here are a few things Tomazin says can re-energize your summer:

— Wear a color that makes you happy. Summer is a great time to try bold prints and colors that you may typically shy away from. Whether it’s a sunny yellow, cherry red or a bold shade of blue, you’ll find that wearing your favorite colors — colors that look great on you — can really make you happy!

“Orange is my favorite color,” says Tomazin. “I often choose to wear an accent of orange or coral in a cardigan, belt, handbag or pair of flats. I have an orange summer dress that I love. Whenever I wear it, I have a good day.”

— Happy feet. “Freshly polished toenails in your favorite color can really make you look great in those cute summer sandals,” says Tomazin. “For the summertime, I am drawn to coral and orange tones. They look great with a tan and are the perfect complement to summer’s crisp white-wear. Currently I am enjoying ‘A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find’ by OPI. Clients and friends alike have noticed this color and often say they have ‘Marla toes’ after requesting their own shade of orange from their pedicurist.”

— Wake up and smell the rosemary. “A recent visit to the ladies room at Park Avenue Cafe in New York City introduced me to an invigorating new hand soap and lotion from Bigelow Pharmacy, a unique West Village apothecary,” says Tomazin.

“I loved the rosemary mint scent so much that I stopped in and purchased it in the body cleanser, so that I could start each and every morning with the refreshing scent and tingling skin. You don’t have to be a New Yorker to take advantage of this great product. And the best part — it is priced for any budget at just each!”

— Sun-kissed skin (the safe way). We all know the danger of too much sun, but we also know that nothing says summer like a sun-kissed glow. Tomazin has spent years trying out various self-tanners — and in her quest to find the perfect one, she says she has a cabinet full of rejects to prove it!

“Currently, I am loving Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer by Jergens,” says Tomazin. “I like how it goes on smoothly and dries quickly. To apply, I get a nice buy cheap acne medication handful and start at my ankle, working the first handful up the calf to the thigh, making sure I have given proper attention to the back of my legs. Once your legs are done, move on to your arms and chest. Be sure to avoid applying too much on your heels, knees, and elbows.smo081710adAP

“Like sunscreen application, you may need some help from a friend applying the tanner to your back — and I often don’t even do it unless I am wearing an outfit with an exposed back. You can apply a second coat after two days, depending on your skin tone and the depth of color you are hoping to achieve.”

The bottom line, she says, to sunless tanning at home is not to get carried away. “Don’t go crazy. Within a week, you will start to see some splotchiness, and it is wise to use a loofah to remove the old color. To help it along, Tomazin suggests using L’Oreal Sunless Scrub, which helps to correct and even out any splotchy color.

— Saving face. No one wants to spend a lot of time primping in the summer when the temperatures are high and the outdoors is calling your name, admits the image consultant. Keep your summer makeup routine simple and chic: Smooth on a bit of bronzer, curl your eyelashes and apply lip gloss. And then you are out the door.

“This summer,” notes Tomazin, “I am loving the Garnier Nutritioniste Anti-Puff Eye Roller first thing in the morning for under my eyes. I simply roll on a small amount before I have my coffee — giving it plenty of time to work if I wake up with puffy eyes. I have also been washing my hair less and opting to use a dry shampoo in between washes. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo and Pssst Instant Spray Shampoo are both great, inexpensive options if you want to give dry shampoo a try.”

— Sweet summer slumber. Summer is a great time for travel, but all that back and forth can be hard on your REM cycle — and getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult when you are in different time zones on a regular basis, according to Tomazin, who has found two great natural remedies for the weary traveler: the Young Living Peace & Calming Essential Oil Blend and Rescue Sleep from Bach Flower Remedies. Before bedtime, she rubs the oil into the bottom of her feet and sprays the Rescue Sleep in her mouth.

“These have really saved the day for me lately between travel and stress,” adds Tomazin. “I have even recommended them to clients who are weaning themselves off sleeping pills. A good night’s rest is essential to looking fresh and reducing your stress level, and the summer is a great time to start!”

The real secret to summer style, according to Tomazin, is to focus not only on fashion but also on lifestyle and inner beauty. “It’s easy to beat the heat and still look beautiful this summer if you simply take a little time to enjoy a few of the simple things in life.”

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