Fashion: Traveling in Style

Wake up, sunshine! It’s time to travel in style. Forget the dingy denims, the boring boots and the sweltering sweaters. You’ve got to book a ticket to a tropical paradise and have a little fun in the sun. Start planning your trip now, even if it’s only in your dreams!

Think sun-drenched colors, sheer fabrics and sexy sandals. It’s a perfect combination for sauntering up to that tiki bar, now isn’t it? Here’s the “411” on how to get that perfect travel wardrobe before you leave the ground.

travelpantfashion“Nothing wrong with making a splash before you get to your vacation spot,” says Joyce Carrigan, editor of Marie Claire’s “Outfit 911.” “Choose an en-route look in the same ‘key’ as your glam getaway: a sleek, tropical print T, a slick scuba-inspired top, maybe a ruffled rumba skirt. Feeling the vibe of the place is the next best thing to being there.”

And remember, Carrigan says, “You don’t have to fly first class to feel pampered: Treat yourself to comfort fashion like fab flats in luxe leathers, fabrics that breathe and feel dreamy against bare skin. A ravishing, roomy bright-colored carry-on will always cheer you up!”

Here are a few of the vacation fashion “classics” that Carrigan suggests you should pack for fun in the sun this spring and summer:

—The classic caftan. The jet setter’s staple from Palm Beach to Positano, its loose fit and long length adds to its allure and versatility.

—A cool cover-up. Make free with doxycycline 100mg fierce urban elements — perhaps a biker jacket at a beach resort — and earn street cred even on the boardwalk. In other words, think outside the traditional “cover-up” and earn some unique fashion credits!

—White trousers. You shouldn’t leave home without a perfect pair of white pants (whether wide or skinny), admits Carrigan. “It’s the number 1 summer wardrobe staple.” Colorful jeans or chinos are also a great way to put some sun-drenched color into your vacation wardrobe.

—A sheer dress or tunic. Find a great sheer topper and you’ve got yourself a swimsuit cover-up or a companion to leggings or a light layer underneath a shawl or pashmina. An airy knit cardigan is another versatile way to top off a vacation wardrobe that will do double duty as a cover-up on cool nights by the pool or at the beach.

—Sexy sandals. You may be tempted to buy that “one pair or color fits all,” but Carrigan says, don’t even think about going neutral. “A wildly exotic sandal gains you insta-access to VIP clubs,” she says. “Let’s get this party started!

—A tropical bag. OK, so we all know this: “There’s no greater buzz kill than having to lug around a back-breaking bag when you’re traveling,” admits Carrigan. Instead, she reminds us to “think cute, color-happy and accommodating.”

Image: Start planning your vacation getaway with colorful orange chinos by Merona at Target, topped off with a creamy peasant T-shirt and airy creamy cardigan.

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