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Extras! Extras! Spring Fashion Accessories

Hats, handbags, hairpins … and hello … shoes. What would we do without accessories, girlfriends? Fashion would not be so fun, would it? With just a few special extras, you can transform that simple...


Health Canada’s Tips on Egg Safety

With Easter upon us, Health Canada would like to remind Canadians of the importance of proper handling and preparation of eggs to prevent foodborne illness. Although Salmonella is not very common in Canadian eggs,...

Fashion: Swimwear Tips and Tricks 0

Fashion: Swimwear Tips and Tricks

Time to dive in and take the plunge … into the deep waters of swimwear fashion. For some, it’s a murky pool, but there are ways to tread through the shopping experience that most...


Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring

Father may not always know best when it comes to his fashion choices. But this Father’s Day you’ve got a chance to help your dad step up his style game.


Dear Margo:Hope Versus Reality

Dear Margo: My mother “did her best” to ensure that both of her children grew up to be straight, conservative Christians. Well, my poor little brother greatly disappointed my mother with his homosexuality (and...


Fashion: Short Shorts

With warm weather wafting our way, shorts are heating up the ocean beaches as well as the city streets. One of the season’s biggest fashion hits, shorts are turning up everywhere and becoming a...


Fancy Pants for Spring and Summer

“I wear pants almost exclusively so I can sit like a truck driver. I own one dress — a long evening gown.” — Lauren Bacall How many of us agree with Lauren Bacall? Pants...