Poker Party Planning that Packs a Punch!

With the holiday season upon us and time away from work to spend with friends and family, many poker players will be planning a home game. Stepping away from the boring tradition of a few beers and a small poker cash or tournament game by planning a poker party that packs a real punch is on the cards to impress guests and make a night to remember.

christmas tree in ballTo make the occasion special and memorable really doesn’t take too much effort and could be the talk well into the new year. Set the standard of party that you want at a high level is the best way to start. Alike any party, setting the standard means setting a theme and with Christmas on our door step why choose any other theme but just that? Christmas!

Depending on which part of the globe you reside your planning will be very different. In Australia, a Christmas themed party by the pool and BBQ would be my choice. Over in the USA and Canada though, I would probably choose to remodel my lounge room for the night and play poker by the warm open fire.

Sending out invites via a private facebook event, email and traditional hand written invitations is a must step before dipping into your pocket for decorations, food and drink. Gathering catering numbers is going to be pretty important to you as is making a list of guests to ensure there are no party crashers to steal your poker cash pool or ruin your night. Make the invitational pages and letter is your theme using poker pictures with a cute little Santa or two!

Depending on numbers you may have to purchase or borrow a second or maybe third and fourth poker table. If this is an issue, there are always poker mats available to transform your dining table into the perfect alternative. Don’t forget to gather enough seats for those playing and railing and also glasses and china or plastic disposable Christmas cups and plates to also meet the numbers.

With poker felt predominately green, and the colours red and black on the playing accutane online cards, jazzing up your poker party space with decorations fitting for a poker Christmas party is going to be easy. Mix in traditional Christmas decorations such as tinsel and ceiling hangings in these colours and ensure you have matching serviettes, plates, glasses and food table cloths. You can further jazz it up by making a MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY HOLIDAYS banner by writing the letters on old playing cards and stringing them together before hanging them on the wall or from one side of the room to the other closer to the ceiling.

Drinks are a thing to be decided on prior to sending out the guest list. Will you allow alcohol, provide alcohol or ban it for the night? If alcohol is part of the scene you can make your guests a nice bowl of punch to fit our article name regardless of the temperature! If cool drinks are part of the party, ensure adequate refrigeration space. If its hot drinks on the agenda, get that coffee bar sorted and a collection of your favourite Christmas and poker Mugs ready as well as some crunchy biscuits, slices and cakes nicely arranged on the table.

Food is something that will add a special touch to the party. Make sure its high quality and suits the season. Ensure the foods chosen are not going to be ones that ruin your poker table if eating is allowed at it. Finger foods suited to Christmas such as a variety of cheese and ham selections, nuts, fruits and berries will work a treat. If you are choosing warm foods, any that can be picked up with a toothpick is perfect for serving.

With all the planning done, the last things to ensure to remember are lighting, music and a dealer; and of course the cards and chips. Maybe dealing duties can be simply shared. After the poker is over, a spot of Karaoke, hitting the town or a few more drinks as everyone chats and dances could really top off your night. Be sure to have extra food for an extended stay. Enjoy!{jcomments on}

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