Professional Woman Poker Player Ashley Hine & Husband David Audition for The Wall!

When there is action around, a lot of the time you will see Action Ashley right there near it. This time, Ashley Hine and her husband David Hine are taking that action to a higher level, to The Wall! Climbing heights is right down the alley for this cute all American couple & their children and lets not forget the bonuses for the needy that will come if this fairly well known poker player and her hubby get the chance to dollar climb! Lets explain!

Ashley Hine has come into the eyes of many a poker player in the last year, widely spread over forums, playing fiercely at tournaments such as Choctaw and hitting cash games on a regular basis while her supportive family and husband watch her back. This time, if Ashley and David Hine make the cut it will be Ashley watching the back of her husband David who will be on stage, whilst Ashley takes on the trivia and contract.

This kind heart-ed and beautiful couple can only ever do it big though, its to no surprise to the editors and staff at Woman Poker Player Magazine that a large chunk of the Hines winnings will go to a very needy and deserving charity being, HELP (Health Education and Literacy Providers), a ministry in Nigeria, Africa.

For those that are unfamiliar with the TV game show “The Wall”, a quick explanation of how it works would be that a couple of choice takes on the game, one on stage and one segregated with no knowledge of what is going on with their on stage partner. Their lives, or in the case of the Hines, also other peoples lives (H.E.L.P) can be changed with the drop of a ball! The ball drops down and where it lands determines monetary amounts. At the end of the game and a fair amount if trivia, the segregated person chooses to tear up or keep the contract, more can be found online in the link at the end of this paragraph. The Wall airs on NBC and since its launch in 2016 has become very popular globally, kind of like Action Ashley has! Here’s to this life changing happening with the chance to win over 12 million USD if their audition is successful! You can read all about The Wall and catch up on whats happening with it here: THE WALL

As for Ashley and David Hines Audition, you can see it here: DAVID AND ASHLEY HINE – THE WALL AUDITION

Woman Poker Player Magazine wishes the Hines all the luck in the world and are hoping to update you with the Hines successes. We would love you to join us in following this story and also spreading it around, the more support, the merrier! As action Ashley commonly says: Lets Do This! w

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