Take a Fashion Vacation and Chill out with these Summer Style Tips

“Summertime and the living is easy…” and the styles are breezy. And it’s the time when most of us want to take some downtime from smothering suits and high heels and chill out a little … OK, maybe a lot.

So how do you relax the dress codes but still enjoy your summer, whether you’re hanging out at the beach or, sigh, hanging around the office? Here are some tips to keep you cool this summer and still make you feel like you’re on a fashion vacation, no matter where you may be hanging.

—Take some time out to experiment. Yes, the rules for dressing are much less strict in the summer. So it’s the perfect time to try some things that otherwise might raise the eyebrows of your friends and co-workers. Instead of closed-toe pumps, try a pair of lace-up sandals; exchange the bow blouse under your jacket for a lacy camisole. Try bold new color combinations. Be a freer spirit and loosen up with flowing layers that may not be as tailored as your normal wardrobe.

fasion0626— Summer is also a great time to play with new hairstyles, hair colors and hair accessories. Go for braids, up-dos, headbands and ponytails.

—Think more casual. Switch out your wardrobe staples to more summery favorites such as straw handbags, oversized floppy hats, canvas espadrilles, cotton T-shirts, capris instead of denim trousers, etc. There are plenty of “beach totes” out there that will do double duty on or offshore and are great travel companions, too.

—You may be tempted to get even more casual and dare to get down to the really bare basics, especially when the weather gets really hot and humid. But remember there are a few things you should not wear to work, even on casual Fridays: tube tops, cutoff shorts, message T-shirts and the dreaded doxycycline cheap price baggy sweat pants. Stash them at home, and leave them for the weekend. Remember to show off your belly rings and cleavage only at the beach, too.

—Yes, longer shorts may work for some offices, and capris can carry you from work to the beach. There are plenty of shorter versions of pants to choose from that are still tailored enough to wear to work, teamed with fitted shirts and sleek vests. And even longer, white denim jeans paired with a blousy, floral top and tank will lighten up summer office attire or complete a cool night-out outfit for warm weather.

—OK, we all know that we love flip-flops. Some of them may not be so good for our arches, but then we do dream of wearing them to the office, now don’t we? And there are so many dressed-up styles now available in jeweled and metallic looks that flip-flops are not just found poolside anymore. But if you do choose to wear flip-flops or any other kind of sandal that exposes your toes, remember one rule of thumb … or is it toes? Yes, a pedicure — whether it’s one done at home or in a salon — it is a must!







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