Fashion: The Hot Pants of Spring and Summer

If you’re not into wearing wispy, floral print dresses or metallic leopard miniskirts and prefer to wear the pants in your family, then you’ll want to stock up on some new favorites this spring and summer. From short shorts to capris to skinny jeans, there are plenty of reasons to take up the slacks in your closet. But before you head out to buy that smokin’ pair of hot pants, take note of these tips to keep your bottom half as your better half:

— It’s all about the legs. Let’s face it, many of us would love to wear those “groovy” hot pants we wore decades ago again, but it’s time to pass the short shorts — aka boy shorts and tap pants — on to a new generation

… preferably one who hasn’t shown evidence of spider veins yet, if you know what I mean. For those with svelte gams, go for it. The cuffed printed versions are the most fun and can be dressed up or down with jackets and T-shirts. And what about those leather shorts? A little steamy, don’t you think?

— Watch for the danger zones. Most of us have a flattering “zone” when it comes to our legs. And when it comes to wearing capris, that “mid-calf” area can make or break you. Don’t be afraid to have your cropped pants hemmed to give you the best look for your legs.

— And then we have “cankles.” Yes, those heavy calves that just seem to blend right in with our ankles. There are ways to camouflage this particular detracting feature. Cover it with longer length pants — perhaps a slim-fitting white pair of jeans.

— Drop your crotch? Another pitfall of trendy pants this season. Don’t fall for it! This “MC Hammeresque” harem style seems to pop up every few years — but it is not a flattering look on anyone of any age. And don’t even think of going for the “no pants” trend … unless, of course, you want to get arrested.

— Do it on the dark side. Yes, you can wear doxycycline online uk dark-colored pants in the summer. If you have a pair of perfectly tailored black slacks that you love to wear, go for it. Just layer brighter colors on top — a filmy, chiffon tunic top would instantly lighten your look. Ditto for dark blue or black jeans and leggings made of thin Lycra.

— Go for the flare. By now, most of us know that a gentle flare at your pants’ hem is generally a great look for all body types, especially those of us who have curves. The flare provides balance to the hips, and we all need a little more balance in our lives, right?

— Don’t get stiffed. Another way to loosen up your pants wardrobe is to stick to drapable fabrics. I love soft linen cropped pants. Silky pajama pants are another warm-weather favorite. And there’s nothing better than a pair of jersey pants for those long plane flights. Ditch the stiff stuff and go with fabrics that flow — right over those cankles!

— Print it! Printed floral pants are all the rage this season, but don’t get too excited. Remember those loud Hawaiian printed shirts? Take note: the fashion scourge of the American tourist was the rap they got.

— Cheer for chinos. Don’t forget the backbone of your wardrobe — those pants that go the distance week after week — the ones you can pair with everything from your favorite T-shirts to your favorite work jackets. Look for military-inspired narrow chinos to do all the work as your new basics. The cargo styles are perfect for more casual occasions.

— Puff away on cigarette pants. There’s nothing quite as “cool” as wearing a pair of slim pants in a slightly shorter silhouette — the cigarette style — on a balmy night with just a tank top and pair of slip-on sandals. Tres chic a la of one of my favorite style stars: Audrey Hepburn — a fashion icon that wore her pants very well.


The newest cropped pants are inspired by the military influence this spring. Photo courtesy of

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