Tips for Healthy Travelling (on your way to the WSOP)

From the fast food we eat on those long car rides, to the colds we often catch on airplanes, our bodies are at risk from less- than-adequate nutrition and rest. So…how can we stay healthy with the stress and conditions endured during travel?

While there is no guaranteed magic formula to prevent illness or injury while traveling, there are some tips you can follow to help protect yourself.

Dealing with Luggage

– Pack light – of course, that’s easier said than done, right? Don’t stuff too many items into one bag or suitcase so that it’s almost impossible to lift. Divide heavy items between a number of bags.

– Rent a pull cart at the airport to alleviate the strain on your back.

– Lift and move luggage properly. Never bend at the waist to pick up; use your thighs. Better yet, use a suitcase with wheels and a handle so that you can pull the luggage behind you, instead of carrying it.

 Tips for Healthy Travelling (on your way to the WSOP)
Sitting (and Waiting)

– Sit up straight. Good posture can prevent muscle and back pain, as well as decrease fatigue.

– Invest in a quality neck support pillow, especially if you plan to take a nap. Airline or train issued pillows do not supply the appropriate support for your neck, and can feel somewhat “crunchy”.

On the Plane (or Train)

– Take your vitamins. If you feel a cold coming on, boost your immune system with some zinc.

-Wash your hands, or if you can’t get to a sink, use antibacterial gel to keep your hands free of germs that can spread illness.

– While there is no true cure for motion sickness, take some ginger, or an over-the-counter purchase doxycycline medication specifically made to help control it.

– Avoid alcohol and greasy food. You may want to pack a couple of pieces of fruit or snacks from home in your carry on bag. Generally speaking, vegetarian meals are healthier and fresher when travelling than the standard menu.

– Get up and stretch. Moving is good for your body, especially on long haul flights. Even if it is just walking to the restroom and walking back to your seat, do it!

At the Hotel

– Pack, or shop for non-perishable food items to keep in the hotel room, such as low-fat cereal bars, unsalted nuts, snack packs of low-fat pudding and fruit in its natural juice to have on hand. These items make a perfect snack when you are tempted by the vending machines.

– Thirty minutes on a treadmill can make all of the difference in world. Some hotels even offer complimentary in-room exercise equipment; just ask at the front desk. Leave your room, and get out into the sunshine to take a walk — it will improve your mood and your health.

– Ask questions when dining out, or call the restaurant ahead of time to see if they offer a healthy menu selection. Ask for vegetables prepared without butter or oil. Choose grilled, broiled, or roasted foods over fried or sautéed. Eat light so you don’t feel bloated and tired – ask for half portions of an entrée or choose a healthy appetizer with a side salad.

Remember that healthy choices when travelling, especially when you want to be your best at the tables, are the right choices to make.

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