Women Take Down One Fifth of Tournaments in New Caledonia Poker

Valarie Podjeska
The first woman poker player, Valarie Podjeska, that won in Noumea APT started a trend!

It’s not often we see women taking down 1/5th of events at any poker series, when it comes to the female players of New Caledonia though it seems we can expect it. The APT Noumea 2017 saw some high-quality players hit the felt and Valarie Podjeska and Sophie Auger who each won an event were two of them. There were two other female players that also stood out in the field who both ran very deep in multiple events who were Marie Helene’ Peitr and Olivia Andre. WomanPokerPlayer Magazine in conjunction with Mel Judahs Poker World and Casinos De Noumea caught up with the two victorious female poker players and had them answer some questions to get a gist of how these ladies have such great success at the tables.

Olivia Andre
Olivia Andre’ made her presence felt and her voice heard, one of the top woman poker players in New Caledonia

Valerie Podjeska was the first to take home a trophy and first place for the girls after a long hard two day play in the Main Event Warm Up Event. Valarie has played poker for around six years now. She can be found both at the cash tables and in tournaments and is a poker player from Noumea the capital of New Caledonia. We watched very closely as Valarie played and got a feeling of the strength and power when it comes to poker that this South Pacific beauty has. During the final table she was even able to have a few beers while she racked up against the boys, going on to win, just to indicate her level of confidence.

Marie Helene' Peitr'
Marie Helene Peitr made her stand against the boys with multiple deep runs and final tables.

Valarie has been playing poker for around 6 years. Her favorite games are Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, though she wasn’t victorious in these events this time. She has a very busy poker schedule playing around five times per week and isn’t just a “local” player taking her skills abroad multiple times. Valerie has traveled as far as Sydney Australia, Melbourne Australia and Las Vegs to hit the felt. She plays mostly poker tournaments and has some lined up in the near future including NCOP (New Caledonia Championship of Poker) in March 2018.

During the APT Noumea Series Valerie played against her partner Sebastian in multiple tournaments, even final tabling the event she won with him. She enjoys this working poker relationship with Sebastian, though, as with most couples on the poker scene they sometimes argue over how to play and, we have no idea who wins the fight, but, it seems poker talk always ends in one for the two.

Valerie had some information and advice for the readers of Woman Poker Player Magazine on play and why they should. She told us that there were very few women playing regularly in New Caledonia and that the women who do play throughout the world should be more aggressive in their game if they are to win. She also said that “Poker is a very nice game for females” giving an off the felt tip about the game and its lifestyle further saying that “There are a lot of handsome men playing” and that this is where she met her partner Sebastian. Valeries Biggest cash is around 6kUSD and her favorite pro poker player is Tom Dwayne.

Sophie Auger
Sophie Auger wins after a very courageous comeback from near nothing!

Our next little lady to take down a trophy and first place victory was Sophie Auger. We watched Sophie come back to life with what can only be described as a miracle win after being so short stacked when the final table started that the “chip and a chair” saying could apply. She was down to just 5,600 chips with ten players to go. Sophie showed she had what it takes as she shoved, pushed and played super aggressive poker to get herself back to an even playing stack before taking the win. She said that her magic when it came to winning was the support of her friends, one being Valerie who stood on her rail the entire time.

Sophie has been playing poker around three times per week since 2006, or, almost 12 years. She has played poker abroad in Sydney Australia, Melbourne Australia and Vanuatu. Sophie loves her tournament poker, specifically Holdem’, in fact, Sophie only plays tournaments.  and her biggest cash so far is around 13kUSD. Sophie also had some advice for ladies wanting to play in this primarily male dominated card game, poker which is not to “let men get over you, a man is just a man” which really is some fabulous advice. Sophie laughs as she tells us her favorite poker player is Valerie Podjkeska, her friend, her support and our other featured female player in this spotlight article.

Congratulations to all the women who played in this event, particularly all four mentioned, the two winners Valerie & Sophie an extra big congrats!

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