WSOP Ladies Event May Again Bring Controversy

WSOP Ladies event
WSOP Ladies event could bring…

There are now a massive amount of tournaments available to play at the World Series of Poker. With so many players & poker variants it’s a must. There are different buy-in levels to accommodate, there are also events to suit the veteran players & of course women.

Each year the main event is the main focus. The outcome of this event shows us who is the best poker player in the world. It provides us with a new WSOP champ! Each year there are other tournaments in close focus though, for those competing, their family, their friends every tournament is a close focus. However, these tournaments never include a focus on mockery & belittling, unlike the female only poker tournament, the women’s event.

The WSOP is such a serious event. All WSOP events are serious events. This includes the women’s tournament. It brings to ones mind why it is the only event that’s ever brought up such controversy and in a sense, bullying.

There have episodes of males attempting to compete in this event, one using a tampon as a card cover. Males have dressed in drag, they’ve laughed and reduced the female only tournament to a worldwide joke. Why is the focus on this tournament when it comes to such antics? We don’t see people dressing up like our older poker players wearing grey haired wigs for the veterans tourney mocking our eldest & sometimes most experienced poker players. Why, why the ladies only event?

Women compete throughout the World Series of Poker in all events. It’s unlikely there will be an event without the pheromones of a female being scented around a table somewhere. Some males claim it’s harder to play against females, others say it’s a piece of cake & have notated that one will never win the WSOP. Is this the reason that the women’s tournament can be ridiculed & trivialised? Is it done due to the ones that think that a woman will never wear a champions bracelet & shouldn’t be given a separate shot at wearing a bracelet from a segregated buy accutane no rx event?

With the world becoming a safer, brighter place for women & the equalisation of their rights day by day it’s a surprising thing that there would be such calamity around their WSOP event; ever. It’s both sexist, biased & wrong to attempt to deflate a feminist tournament to nothing more than a circus. Women pay a fair buy-in, play hard, play serious and their achievements should not be undermined in any form. It’s not only an attack on the women of poker to pull a mockery stunt but an attack on the poker industry & the worlds women as a whole.

To protect the tournament from such outrageous antics & to ensure it remains female only & not liable for the old “sexist” attack, the WSOP ladies tournament is open to men. Many do not realise this. The buy-in is 10k, a 9k discount is applied for women making the buy-in 1k. It’s a great shield of protection, to say the least! A well invented strategy to ensure its female only. The investment for a make isn’t wise. It’s financial suicide for a male when it comes to ROI (return on investment). With the seniors event not protected with a financial barrier, one could be surprised that people aren’t attempting to buy in and bully (or be bullied) against our older folk! I suppose alike the legalities around age & playing to start with, a date of birth is a sound piece of security in its own.

So, what can we expect this year? Will some hero, gangster millionaires jump on the tables of the females only tournament for a joke? Will the tournament remain unscathed by stupid antics & be seen as a serious tournament, alike it is? One can only hope that all jokes are off.

July 8th 2016 sees the start of event 65, the three day ladies no limit hold’em event. Let’s hope that three days later a champion female player arises and nothing else takes a stand.

Good Luck to all our participating WomenPokerPlayer s. We look forward to interviewing & showcasing our Lady Champion & WSOP bracelet holder!

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