Balancing Personal Life While Playing Poker in the Modern Era

Poker is an extremely tricky way to make an easy living. Plenty of Poker professionals have the ability and skill to stay in the game for about 20, 30 or even 40 years and make enough money to live a comfortable life. Playing Poker professionally and raising a family is not unheard of, but quite a few people are lucky enough to balance the same. A few professional poker players enjoy a small window of success which gets them hooked. And there are very few selective professionals that leave the game to pursue more rewarding & stable occupations for themselves & their family.

Jennifer Harman Pic

However, Poker players are humans too. They fall in love like any ordinary person and also want to raise a family which is quite difficult as we all know Poker is a combination of chance and skill of tremendous pressure to do well and on top of that deal with anxiety in a chaotic casino environment, which is a huge difference in calm and secure atmosphere which requires to raise a kid. Not all of us  understand that raising kids while playing Poker professionally is possible and we need to still find a right balance between our work life and personal life like how one of the most inspirational woman ‘Jennifer Harman’ kept her business of ‘A’ game inside & outside the house.

Jennifer Harman has not only been winning hearts but also has been winning in life as well. In 2000, Harman earned a name in the Poker world by winning her First World Series of Poker bracelet. In 2002, she won her second WSOP bracelet and that was at the $5K Limit Texas hold ’em event. She has been playing at Big Game since a long time. In 2014, she won $2,700,000 and that was at a live tournament. She has also been pursuing her acting career. She is known for her appearance in the American reality television series Sin City Rules. She has been earning lucrative amount of salary and her net worth is $15 million dollars.

Jennifer got married to Marco Traniello. Marco Traniello who at that time was a Professional Hairdresser had very well established himself as a professional poker player too. As a loving spouse, they welcomed twin boys. Since the beginning Jennifer has been a strong role model for all women Poker players in so many ways, and in addition to raising twin boys. After a divorce with now ex-husband Marco in 2013; due to differences Harman has been raising her children as a single mom while she was playing the big games at Bobby’s Room, is truly impressive.

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