Food for the Poker Player Mind

Poker players have to be sharp on the table. We have to have our minds working, not wandering off somewhere. Strategy is important and so is experience but these carefully planned out things can all become a blur when we’re not focused. There are many exercises one can perform to train oneself to become more alert, focused and sharp at all times. One of these is the practice of eating appropriately. It has time and time again been stressed that a change in diet can result in significant changes in many little things about one’s lifestyle, sport being one of them.

There is an old saying which reads something like, “You are what you eat.” In as far back as the 1920s, an American pioneer to nutrition, Victor Lindlahr, was a strong believer that a person’s health is quite powerfully connected to what he or she consumes. Victor stands correct even today as science has proven that the food you eat also determines how healthy your brain is in terms of memory retention, concentration, and alertness.

Let us then explore five meal choices which can make your mind better for poker.

1. Broccoli
An unpleasant starter to this list of foods for the mind, I know. However, in only a cup of broccoli is packed a stunningly generous amount (close to more than a hundred percent of the daily recommended intake) of vitamin K. Vitamin K is responsible for developing a type of fat called sphingolipids which occur chiefly in the brain. The vitamin K found in broccoli is also responsible for improved memory. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in broccoli also help to prevent the brain from damage.

2. Oily Fish
Oily or fatty fish refer to fish which are high in omega-3 content. Normally, the ones which take top place on this list are salmon, sardines, and trout. The reason why fatty fish are always the queen of the talk about brain foods is because the majority of the fat in our brains is of type omega-3. Apart from generally keeping the brain healthy, oily fish are good for memory and decision making.

3. Caffeine
Of course coffee was going to be on this list! Which coffee drinker doesn’t agree that a morning cup of this warm beverage starts off their day in a thoroughly awake and focused manner? Coffee is the world’s main source of caffeine and the good thing is that it also contains antioxidants. These two combined result in increased concentration and alertness and a better mood, too.

4. Turmeric
Turmeric is a yellow-ish spice often added to foods like curry. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances which have the ability to directly affect the brain causing our memory to be strengthened, our brain to make more dopamine, and our brain cells to regenerate and grow.

5. Beets
Last but not least, this deep red vegetable might not be tasteful for some people but has powerful capabilities of drastically improving mental performance. This can be owed to the presence of natural nitrates, vitamin K, and other nutrients found in beets.

The bottom-line is that as a poker player you should take care of your mental and physical health with exercise and some power nutrition.

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