Lina Wang’s Cyber Gaming Powers the new Red Latina de Poker Network

There is a new Poker Network called Red Latina de Poker which has been growing phenomenally and has been making waves in Latin America, and our very own Woman Poker Player Magazine Editor is also the Managing Director of the software company that provides the software for the Poker Network.

The Latin American, Latam for short, poker industry is a fiercely competitive one and it is no mean thing to get a foothold here. Yet a fully localized client and front end for most Latin American languages, flawless game play and a multicurrency platform has hit the market with the Red Latina de Poker Network for the last three years, and poker players in the region are flocking to it.

Red Latina Poker Network By Cyber Gaming

Mr. Susheel Kumar, Technical Director of Cybergaming Software Technologies is very upbeat, having built the architecture, says, “With good experience in the industry, we have now one of the best product platforms in the world. A cost effective solution for hosting with an appetite to scale up smoothly as the traffic on the network increases is our strength. We have built powerful agent systems which best suit the Latin American market. Add to it a user friendly Poker Client Software deployed via different channels viz. downloadable along with browser-based instant play and native applications for mobile, an ultra-stable platform with vivid graphics offering multi-currency and a poker network model supported so that player liquidity can be pooled by a number of customers. We have worked hard towards an objective that the Latin American market desires and deserves.”

Patricio Molloy, the head of the Red Latina Poker Network is excited about his new poker network. His singular, dedicated approach has forged an entire new kind of business in the Latam region. Here’s what he has to say: “Satisfying our players is our number one priority. They should feel comfortable to be able to develop their game strategy. That’s why we looked for the best software solution in the market. Cyber Gaming is a perfect fit for us, our support team also is trained to help players in real time. Secure game play, guaranteed prizes, freerolls, satellites to live events are also a big part of Red Latina de Poker. Our vision is to conquer the Latam Poker Market by always focusing on 100% satisfaction of clients.”

A good poker software has to have a good choice of technology & state-of-the-art architecture. The effort is even more obvious when you find that the Cyber Gaming poker software is handcrafted by a group of closely knit passionate individuals mostly in their twenties. Even a cursory two-minute demo session is more than enough to demonstrate that this is gaming software built with love, not merely another commercial product built by an outsourcing company. Nor is this a ridiculously built bit of dull looking poker software that bores the hell out of you; it is pure FUN to play.

Lina Wang, MD, Cyber Gaming

“We don’t want to change the world. Just code the best things not out there,” Lina Wang, the Managing Director of Cyber Gaming Software Technologies and Editor of Woman Poker Player mag states emphatically. “We have never seen so many requirements for building poker rooms, our project pipe lines are full and our existing operators too are a happy lot, constantly asking for more. We are now poised to re-write the market capitalization in the Latin American online poker industry. Our team is working hard, round the clock to provide cost effective poker rooms to our operators across the board that can be scaled up as and when the traffic increases. Our vision has paid up, and how!”

The Red Latina de Poker Network is a blessing in disguise for a lot of people in the region, not just for the founders of the network, the member operators or the software provider. It is a simple, scalable business model that has been introduced to the poker operators and players of the region, who find it difficult to be a part of a global network or to play on the bigger, independent, global online poker card rooms, chiefly due to a lack of regional customization, customer service and more importantly the feeling of belonging. As Patricio puts it, “This, is our own; by players, for players. We belong here!”

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    Great going Lina!

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    Great news for poker industry.

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