Pokerview: What Playing Poker Online Should Be

I was fortunate enough to have a friend introduce me to a novel poker site the other day.  She told me that it was a webcam site so that you could see the other players, which was pretty cool, so I signed up to the site right away to see what it was about. I noticed that they have a great video on their website that guides you through all the features offered through PokerView which saves a lot of searching around.

Pokerview is much like the other poker rooms you see online in that there are cards and chips, and nice graphics and a variety of games, and a muck button and so on.  But what really sets this site apart are choices.  If you don’t want to be seen at the table you can play on a table without your webcam on (first thing in the morning before coffee this might be key, or for those days when you are grinding away so hard that you just don’t bother to get dressed.  Little do people know that many times I am playing poker in my pjs at two in the afternoon!)

pokerview online

Pokerview is available in a download version (with avatars only) and a no download version through your browser where you can use avatars or see your opponents live through their webcam. I like the browser feature as it doesn’t matter if I am not at home when I want to play a tournament.  I babysit for my sister once a week when she goes to nightschool, so now, I can just jump on to my sisters computer and play after the kids going to sleep – very buy doxycycline with no prescription easy without downloading anything to her computer, which she doesn’t allow me to do anyway.

poker cameraI plugged in my great little webcam and saw immediately that this where the really great fun and useful stuff comes in.  I sat down to a 1/2 game and there were three men at my table.  As we played, I started noticing some things about my opponents – one in particular would lean in closer to his webcam whenever he had a good hand – it was a great tell that I wouldn’t be able to see on other online poker sites.  Then it came to me, for the many of us who like to play live games once in a while this is a wonderful way to practise your live tells all from the comfort of your own home.  I would recommend everyone to give this a try to polish up on their live play!  Its as close as you can ever get to playing live and you are guaranteed not to have a bot sitting in on your game.

Pokerview is offering a generous first time bonus of 100% up to $600 if you use bonus code “WPP”, and you get an invite to a $1,000 freeroll  plus they offer live support and a offer you a chance to win additional loyalty prizes, like an iPad, iPods, Poker Strategy Books, and so on based on the amount you play.  Give it a try and I don’t think you will be disappointed.


I have a feeling that Woman Poker Player may be doing some tournaments here so give us a shoutout if you like the site which will make us do even more.

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