What’s all the rage about contour?

Model: Rochelle Smith
Model: Rochelle Smith

With cameras flashing and the media filming at this most exciting time for poker enthusiasts globally as we embrace, compete & celebrate at the World Series of Poker, it’s only right to be looking our best in case we find ourselves in the lime light.

It seems to have that picture perfect face in this day and age, women have to go to large lengths, unlike a decade ago when standard makeup had us all looking like models no matter our age, size or color. It was basic, it was easy, but were the results different?

Most recently we’ve started seeing the contour rage. All our fellow, usually young females, are stepping out of bed and adding dots, lines, marks & then doing their “standard foundation” over the top. This makes a huge difference to their facial appearance but also the time it takes to get ready each day or for an outing.

Model: Ashley Richardson
Model: Ashley Richardson

For those who don’t know about contouring, this short brief will explain it:

Contouring is using various shades of foundation (dark, light, medium, white, pink, green) to highlight and hide various aspects of their facial structure. Like shadows, or black clothes, dark contours pull the parts of our face in that we believe should be smaller, thinner and restructured. The lighter contours do the opposite, plumping up the parts we want to stand out, so to speak. Of course, you also have colors to hide dark circles under eyes, blemishes and redness. This literally means you can completely change the way your face appears structurally; and it works.

If while under the camera you want defined cheek bones, cheeks pulled in, your chin and brow line redefined, grab a contour kit. In other words, if you expect some poker paparazzi attention over this WSOP & want to look like a professional marketing face, have that contour kit ready to paint perfection.

Of course, some of us don’t even wear makeup a lot of the time, nor want to change the way we look to get that more perfectly shaped vogue “perfection face”. That’s perfectly fine, so long as we are all aware of the contour rage that’s happening around us & know that it isn’t a facelift that the poker chick next door has, it’s paint.

Either way, if you do or do not wear contours you may be able to use it as an advantage at the poker table, in the media or to catch Mr Right who may or may not like makeup. It’s really a great discussion and for the most part, when done correctly, a good look!

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