Why Some Women Prefer Playing Online

Let’s face it folks, we’re still living in a man’s world when it comes to certain job markets, and playing poker in casinos. It seems like the majority of players at casino card rooms, or for that matter home poker games, are still men. Why is that? So I set out to find out why women prefer playing poker online, as opposed to playing at a casino.

After taking a survey with dozens of women around the world, the results were basically the same. I discovered some major reasons that were sited as to why women prefer to play online. First, a majority of women are in charge of raising their children in a family. Therefore, it’s difficult for them to break away during the evenings, even on the weekends, to go to a local casino and play poker. Consequently, they multi-task by playing poker online inbetween looking after their children’s needs or while doing other computer or household related chores.


Secondly, many women feel disrespected by men when they go to a casino to play poker. If women aren’t being “hit-on” for a date, they are blatantly treated badly by men. For some women, it has come to the point it can be dangerous for them to actually play cards at a casino. Many said that when a woman beat a man in several hands of poker, this would be a major disaster to some men’s ego, therefore putting the woman in a very uncomfortable situation to be threatened and called down. Worse some feel that they are then at risk for some man to come and reclaim his money when they are leaving the casino.

I wanted to write this article in behalf of all women around the world, in an effort to gain support and advocate change. Not only should women be treated buy cheap accutane online politely in casinos, but it just makes good business-sense for “ladies of the felt” to be treated with respect when playing poker. Why should they feel intimidated by playing poker in home games or at a casino? Why can’t they feel comfortable playing with a table of men? Can’t we, as human beings, treat women as equals?

Until such change in attitude happens worldwide, how can we make all women feel comfortable about playing in casino poker rooms? Some women like to dress sharp when they go out, so how can they play poker and prevent themselves from being hit on, or treated disrespectful. As a precautionary measure, especially going to major casinos in dangerous cities, like Detroit, women should try to go with a male friend when venturing out as it may make them feel safer .An ounce of protection so valuable–defense is the best form of offense.  So ladies, it goes without saying to be sure you have a chaperone with you when you leave after winning a lot of money at the felt, and don’t ever leave your purse or anything of value unattended.

Not only do women make up a huge percentage of retail purchasing power throughout the world, but they also represent a huge swing in poker-playing demographics. Personally, I like playing poker with women and we should encourage more of them to play. Whether it’s at a major casino in Las Vegas, or at a home game in my neighborhood, women make the game more exciting and challenging.

With all this being said, perhaps someday we’ll see a major shift in the poker-playing industry. Home games will be made up of 50% women, casino poker games will be played with a majority of women (disrespecting men), and guys will be the ones staying home and playing poker online!

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