Winning Women of Poker – You Are Most Likely One!

When we think of the winning women of poker we think of the highest ranked tournament cashers and the women who frequent high stakes cash games. It is obvious why we think this; these women have made a name for themselves and a fortune along the way. These are highly notables that have achieved ultimate poker success. It goes without saying that woman poker players congratulate them on these accomplishments and genuinely idolise the way they have held themselves and played their game. But as women in poker we always empower each other and lest we forget the other women in the poker industry that have accomplishments that go somewhat unnoticed to the masses, you, reading this, are probably one of them.

The bread and butter winner that brings home the bacon is a woman poker player that is another true winning woman in poker. These women play to live, they play for their families and go as far as hitting the felt to pay for their children’s educations. A woman in an ordinary nine to five job has it quite easy compared to these winners, the stress is less and the risks are lower. These women run their poker game like a small business mapping out on a continual basis their financial needs and hitting targets to pay bills and provide as they go from game to game. Some sit up all night long, get their kids to school and then sleep to be both mother and player. They repeat this ritual until their target is met and then they get family time. Its a tough gig but they remain disciplined and get the job done, even saving for a rainy day, or rather, a downswing. When it comes still skill level these winning women of poker should not be underestimated, you don’t ever try and stop a mother who is on a mission to provide for her family. These ladies get all the praise, idolisation and self-pride they need from keeping their family units in an economic bliss. Fame and fortune is not on their agenda, though sometimes it comes knocking for an added Christmas bonus.

The corporate business women, dealers, tournament directors and other such poker industry workers are also winning women in poker with guaranteed wages and depending on their job roles, tips. These women don’t have nine to five jobs either and deal with a lot of stressors and people on a day to day basis. They work hard at what they do and keep the industry running whilst playing their key roles. Their level within the industry determines the pay check they bring home at the end of the week. Just like a poker player these women move up levels bit by bit earning higher income as they go. There are no losses in these kinds of positions other than having to be at work at certain times. Many play poker as a side job as an extra income boost. Most certainly they all know how to play poker, they must to enable them to do their jobs. These women are definitely winning women in poker, every day they are out in front when it comes to taking home dollars.

Poker has grown to be a very commercialised game and something that people who are interested in it want to watch, read and hear about. This is where some more winning women of poker come into play. The ladies running around the tournament floors, standing in front of cameras, microphones and TV crews cannot be forgotten. The women who blog and chip count, do radio and news write are all winning women. Not only do these women earn money through their media poker careers but also help get us the information we so highly desire when a friend or loved one is playing. That’s a win for them and us. Many can be seen early mornings, days off or very late at night playing ring games or online too. Again, like the previous group of ladies, playing poker on the side is the icing on the cake. Quite a few of these women have also made a name for themselves alike our highest earning female players and are front runners in the poker industry.

Lastly, let’s not forget the women who play poker casually for that little bit of extra money, a trophy or even some fun. These ladies are true winners also, they are doing what they want to do and this is also pure success. Ones level of personal winning in poker can be judged by the objective and the outcome. If your objective is merely to get yourself to a small local tournament and play and you happen to do it, you have won! It’s not always about money.

The above also applies to the males in poker. There are male champions and high rollers, execs and poker tourney directors, bread winners, dealers, casual players, the list is the same for men as for women, clearly. However, the poker industry is a male dominated industry and with the women wanting to empower each other to gain more interest and participation from more females, lets just sit the guys aside this one time and pat ourselves all on the back and know that we truly are, in one way or another true winning women in poker.

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