World Poker Tour Declares Inaugural of The Women’s Poker Summit

The World Poker Tour (WPT) has made an announcement to incorporate a surprise package to its current WPT500 Los Angeles. The surprise is that it will host the first-ever Women’s Poker Summit at the Bicycle Hotel Casino, on August 26, 2018.  The key objective behind this announcement was to enhance the female participation in the game.

Glancing at the different major tournaments organized all over the world, including the Triton Poker Series in Jeju and World Series of Poker (WSOP), it is found that female poker players make up less than 4% of the playing field. With a view to increasing the female participation in the game, which WPT has been attempting since many years, this new announcement exactly reflects the attempts behind this objective.

WPT’s global casino partners, representatives from non-poker industries, poker media, and representatives from different women poker organizations are anticipated to attend the summit. In addition to that, professional and non-professional female poker players would also attend the summit. Though the summit is focused on boosting the number of women players in the poker industry, men can too attend the event. Of course.

There were total 11 names shortlisted for the Class of 2018 Women within the Poker Hall of Fame (WiPHOF). Out of these shortlisted names, Mandy Glogow, Angelica Hael, and Hermance Blum worked at the WPT. Hael has adopted a unique approach by targeting to boost the number of females playing poker to a more reputable number.

Hael was asked about the WPT’s interest in boosting women’s participation in the mind sport, in a recently published interview. In this matter, Hael mentioned that out of the many responsibilities WPT has, one of the key ones is to develop the game of poker. She also mentioned that the lack of women in poker games has been a subject of conversation, for many years in the industry. So, now it’s time to focus on attracting more women towards the game of poker and retain them playing for a long-time in the future.

Discussing the dominance of male poker players in this industry, Hael mentioned that it is no secret that the industry is basically a male-dominated one, on the business side as well as the playing side. She finds herself lucky to work for a company in which half of the executive team is comprised of women. But it is regrettable to say that the same percentage is not found in poker events held all across the world. The situation needs to be improved a lot, as per her opinion. She added that it’s a matter of prestige that the team announced to implement the thoughts into actions by beginning the WPT Women’s Poker Summit is mostly women. The summit would entice more women poker players and thus, it would indirectly create and maintain a sort of balance between male and female poker players.

When Hael was asked whether men could attend the summit, she responded affirmatively. In this regard, she mentioned that if the objective is to increase the number of females who play poker, it is definite that we need the input, motivation, as well as support from everyone in the poker industry. Hael concluded her discussion by stating that the success of this summit would decide the occurrence and future of such types of events.

With the assistance of WPT President Adam Pliska and WPT Executive Tour Director Matt Savage, the inaugural WPT Summit is anticipated to be a grand success. Moreover, the summit and may also lead to the resumption of the WPT Ladies Night on TV. Game On, ladies!

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